Park Operating Rules



A) Some attractions, restaurants, shops and pastimes may remain closed for technical, meteorological or organisational reasons.

B) The entry price or, where appropriate, the Season Pass, cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

C) The Park’s capacity is limited.

D) For safety reasons, there are restrictions on access to certain attractions on account of age, height and physical conditions. Find out more at the entrance to each attraction about the applicable access restrictions.

E) Anybody who seeks to bring in glass bottles or similar elements, or others which, if thrown, could cause harm to the users, are not permitted to enter. Moreover, nor shall any animals of any species be permitted to enter the park, except guide dogs.

F) Access to the Park with bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, scooters or skateboards is prohibited.

G) As a matter of politeness and respect for others, queue skipping or holding a place for others in the queue are not permitted.

H) Access is prohibited for under-12s who are not accompanied by adults who take responsibility for their custody and behaviour.

I) The ticket granting entry to the Park or, where appropriate, the corresponding Season Pass, must be kept during your whole stay therein and must be shown to any Park or security staff that require to see it. Aquopolis Cartaya reserves the right to expel from the Park any person who is found therein without the corresponding entry ticket or, where appropriate, valid Season Pass.

J) Certain services and pastimes within the Park are not included in the entry price. For more information, ask at the information point at the entrance to the Park.

K) The Park does not have a megaphone service to broadcast personal messages.

L) The sale and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco to under-18s is prohibited.

M) The consumption, sale or distribution of any type of drugs or narcotics within the Park is prohibited. Aquopolis Cartaya shall immediately expel any person who does not comply with this rule and shall report the matter to the authorities.

N) All types of sale and distribution of pamphlets, leaflets or products in the Park’s facilities, except those that are expressly authorised by Aquopolis Cartaya.

O) Users must comply with the rules regarding the use and utilisation of the Water Activities, as well as the individual and collective rules that the Management, lifeguards and other Park staff impose, in order achieve greater safety and hygiene in the use of the facilities.

P) For safety reasons, Aquopolis Cartaya reserves the right to have its staff, duly authorised, to inspect rucksacks, handbags, bags or other types of luggage in the circumstances and within the limits set out in Law.

Q) It is essential that visitors to the Park try to look after their personal property, since Aquopolis Cartaya shall not be held liable for the loss, theft, larceny or damage they may suffer during their time therein.

R) Report cases of febrile or contagious illnesses to the Management of the Water Park.

S) Contribute to maintaining the Park’s state of cleanliness and hygiene by not throwing away or leaving on the ground rubbish or other objects or elements that disturb the use of this type of facilities.

T) Smoking is prohibited in the queuing areas, in the covered areas and especially in the children’s area of the Park. All these areas are suitably signposted. Aquopolis Cartaya reserves the right to expel from the Park any person who, having been ordered by the Park staff to comply with this rule, continues repeatedly to not comply with it.

U) In the snack area there is a large terrace with tables and benches so that the Park’s visitors can consume the food they have brought into the Park. All remaining terraces scattered across the Park are to be used exclusively by customers who have purchased their food in any of the Park’s food establishments.

V) In this leisure park photographs are taken both, if you wish, upon entry, and automatically on some of the attractions. Moreover, there are qualified photographers who, if you wish, can take photographs of you during your visit to the Park. The sole purpose of said photographs is to serve as a memento for visitors. Said photographs shall be destroyed at the end of the day, there being no possibility of recovering them. Find out more in the park’s ticket offices, in the information office or at the entrance to each attraction about where the photographs may be viewed and purchased. Photographs shall in no circumstances be sold to persons different from or not related to those that appear in the photographs. If you have any queries, comments or questions about this information, you can get in touch with us by email at

Regardless of the foregoing, Aquopolis Cartaya likewise reserves the right of admission and expulsion from its facilities, the visitors thus expelled having no right to compensation, of persons who seriously convene the rules set out below or are involved in the following situations:

A) Serious disturbance in the Park or in its facilities or the commission of any crime or misdemeanour therein.

B) Inappropriate use of tickets or Season Pass (including fraudulent, deceitful or bad faith use by the owner and/or the resale or falsification of same). Only tickets purchased at the authorised points of sale shall be valid.

C) Person showing obvious signs of being drunk, or any other circumstance from which it may reasonably be inferred that they may cause a disturbance or breach of the peace.

D) Committing acts of vandalism or causing damage in the park’s facilities.

E) Due to behaviours that make other visitors uncomfortable or seriously affect their enjoyment.