This facility is made of close water tubes in which a great speed is reached in an instant. It is a frenetic attraction in which the mouth, located at a height of more than ten metres, is designed for those who love the excitement that is unleashed, for example, in a free fall.

Let yourself be carried away by this Hurricane! You will how all the adrenaline is released with its terrifying trip with your body, without a float, which intensifies the sensations of this tube, classified among the high excitement attractions and pitched at adults and children who are more than 1.20 metres tall.

This time you won’t have the support of family or friends: you’ll have to trust yourself. Be brave and slide down this type of flume at more than 40 kilometres per hour in a few seconds or take its curves at great speed and, finally, suddenly reach the water for the dénouement: the plunge.

Many people get caught up each hour in the madness of this Hurricane, which is one of the most memorable attractions in Aquópolis. Once you have tried it you will want to come back again and again.

High Intensity



Min: 110cm


Max: 99kg


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